Review of Safety Regulation in Disability Support

Review of Safety Regulation in Disability Support

The Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 allows the government to set standards that providers of disability residential services with five or more people living in them must meet to be able to continue to provide those services. The Ministry of Health recognises that the disability support system is undergoing a substantial period of change and that the Act and the standards may not be suitable in the new environment.

In 2015 the Ministry of Health established a Working Group comprising disabled people and those who support them to review the regulation and develop proposals for changes to the regulation of safety in disability support that will enable disabled people to make choices and live everyday lives without greater risk of harm than other New Zealanders.

Click here for the terms of reference for this working group.

In June 2015 a discussion paper was released by the Ministry of Health.  Please click here for this paper.

The reference group continued to meet throughout 2016, and a paper with recommendations was developed for Cabinet. The reference group is yet to hear the outcome from this paper.

NZDSN Representative          Mary-Ann Robson

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