IIDL Washington Planning Meeting – Tuesday 7 May 2019

IIDL Washington Planning Meeting – Tuesday 7 May 2019

Washington Planning Meeting  Teleconference held Tuesday 7th May 2019


Attendance: Michael Kendrick, Lorna Sullivan, Aisling Blackmore, Eddie Bartnik

Apology: Gemma Beggs

Draft notes:

  1. Brochure: Lorna and Eddie have worked up Brochure which will then go on the website


  • Aisling will arrange accessibility check and fonts/colours
  • Eddie will then send to SCLG members for confirmation of their roles and wording in program.
  • Once agreed, Eddie forward to Erin for website and for sending to all IIDL members
  1. Program:


  • Eddie waiting for confirmation from Maayan who is on leave. He has sent offer and support details just need to fine tune arrangements
  • Eddie will reinforce with SCLG members the agreement where possible to send 1 or ideally 2 Emerging leaders – on the basis of response, Aisling to progress a group who can work with Michael and Aaron to further plan the Leadership session.
  • Eddie to follow up with Jennifer Johnson re the USA panel, Plan B is for Michael and Aaron to pull this together
  • Other panels will become clearer once Eddie writes to SCLG to confirm attendance, same for session chair roles etc
  • Lorna writing to match hosts re the 10 available market place spots (only 10 due to space available) – subject to tale up rate then she can write to SCLG members to offer spots
  • Friday evening from 5.30pm is the current booking for the SCLG meeting with the Emerging Leaders Group
  1. Matches: Michael has 2 extra matches he can arrange but agreement was that we would wait another month to make sure the registrations are increasing sufficiently to warrant that.


  • April 2019 matches preview document to be checked for accessibility (Aisling) and Eddie will send to hosts for confirmation of wording. Eddie will then send to Erin for the website and Update and we can use alongside the brochure for marketing
  1. Registrations so far and publicity: Erin advises as of 6 May 2019 we have 40 registrations

(11 Australia, 6 Canada, 3 Ireland, 13 NZ and 7 US) and of those 24 have selected matches


  • Eddie to send to SCLG the notional target numbers for each member country so that we have some notional targets (especially for local US (approx. 60) and Canada (approx. 30)
  • Michael and Erin to develop a strategy for publicity through their USA networks including: Jennifer Johnson and ACL; the peaks who joined out 2017 Washington symposium; match hosts and their networks; TASH; personal networks that Michael and AAron have in the USA and also across Canada etc (Michael especially)


  1. Next steps with SCLG:


  • Eddie to write to Members and Observers with the Brochure and to clarify program arrangements and targets including the Emerging Leaders.


Notes:  Eddie Bartnik SCLG Chair

Click here for the IIDL Washington Planning Teleconference Notes 7 May 2019 – PDF Version

Click here for the IIDL Washington Planning Teleconference Notes 7 May 2019 – Word Version


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