Expressions of Interest (EOI) Strategic Policy Group NZDSN

Expressions of Interest (EOI) Strategic Policy Group NZDSN


NZDSN is establishing a small Strategic Policy Group to provide input into high priority strategic and policy issues. The intent is that the Board and Chief Executive are supported by a small group of individuals with well-developed strategic thinking skills and a good grasp of sector issues. They would be available to provide strategic advice and guidance on policy related issues deemed a high priority by the Board.

The group will be chaired by Donna Mitchell, who is a current board member. We are seeking Expressions of Interest from 3 further people from organisations that are full NZDSN members.

The following terms of reference outline the role and function of the group, along with the knowledge and skills we are seeking in prospective members. If this is something you think you would be able to contribute to please express your interest by outlining:

  • Your background and experience in the sector
  • The particular strategic thinking and perspective you would bring to the role
  • Policy and strategic issues you have a particular interest in


Forward your Expression of Interest to no later than 5pm on April 27th


Strategic Policy Group: Terms of Reference

Role and Purpose

The Strategic Policy Group Provides guidance and advice to the Board and Chief Executive on high priority policy issues that have sector wide ramifications.  The focus will be on ensuring that work produced is of the highest quality, is solution focused and can readily inform government policy and decision making. The group may recommend to the Board that some work or projects are commissioned through external parties – and will have input into the commissioning process.


The Strategic Policy Group will be chaired by an NZDSN Board member and include 3 other individuals, plus the Chief Executive. Members will need to be individuals who have an in depth knowledge of the sector and a well-developed grasp of the strategic issues and challenges that need to be addressed. They will bring critical thinking skills and a constructive approach that is solution focused. Membership will bring perspectives from providers, families and the lived experience of disability. Membership will be approved by the Board.

Membership can change to meet the requirements of specific pieces of work. Additional members can be co-opted to ensure specific skills are brought to bear on work undertaken. A change in members or additional members must be approved by the Board.

Work Programme

The Disability Strategic Policy Group will develop a work programme annually based on agreed priorities. The work programme will detail the deliverables and outcomes being sought and the due dates for these. These could take the form of scoping and discussion papers; sector briefings; position papers; reports; evidence analysis/synthesis; qualitative or quantitative data collection; or experiential narratives/case studies.

Meetings and Reporting

The Strategic policy group will meet a maximum of four times per year. Group members may undertake or be involved in pieces of work between meetings

The Strategic Policy group will report to the Board on its work programme four times per year.

Forward your Expression of Interest to no later than 5pm on April 27th

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