Exhibitor Lounge Information

Exhibitor Lounge Information

NZDSN Annual Conference 2018

Making Change Real

Exhibitor’s Lounge Information

This will provide you with key information about the Exhibition Space, what we need from you and what you may need from us.

This year’s format is slightly different – whilst we are not having “Exhibitor” dedicated time in the programme (over these past years the catering has not been able to cope with the split timings) we have made all our breaks much longer than normal so you get to spend as much time as possible with our delegates.

We’ve provided some deadlines for your assistance as well as information from the venue (which I’ve summarised some of the key points) including – I note anything is Italics is information directly from the venue:


We need these for our Conference Directory – if you have NOT provided these to me already – we need them in a pdf, eps or ai format no later than Friday 30 March 2018.  This year’s list of exhibitors are:

Access Alliance/Inclusive NZManawanui InCharge
ASIDMinistry of Social Development
CareerforceMy Care
Community ConnectionsODI
CSC Buying GroupOpen Polytechnic
DAA GroupPeople First NZ
Deaf AotearoaSTOP
IHC LibraryTe Pou
Imagine Better (names to be supplied)The Personal Advocacy Trust
Imagine Better supporting Paua by DanielWebcare

Stand Location

Please click here to see the first draft of the floor plan for the Exhibition Space with your allocated space.  We note that we have changed the configuration slightly from previous years and opened up the room as much as possible. As all our catering is done in the same room (to allow you plenty of time to speak with delegates) we have set up a “dining” space for delegates to sit and enjoy their meals – this is right in the middle of the exhibition space.

Where possible, we have tried to accommodate your location requests and we have also tried to have a good mix of exhibitors for our delegates as they walk around the room.    We have endeavoured to provide excellent spaces for everyone and trust that you will empathise with our trying to maximise the space within the guidelines set by the venue, especially when they have to cater for safe egress in case of emergency.   Please note that this map is subject to some changes and we will do our best to accommodate everyone during the conference.

Conference Bags

As an exhibitor – you have an ideal opportunity to maximise your exposure to all our delegates.  Every delegate will receive a conference bag.  Exhibitors are able to have items put in the conference bags and we strongly encourage exhibitors to do this – especially if there are items more than brochures or booklets, i.e. branded merchandise, water, etc.  If you wish to have something included in the conference bag – this will need to be with us prior to the conference.

Our delegates love giveaways so the more merchandise and information you can provide to them the better!

All inclusions for the conference bags should be with us no later than 4pm Monday 9 April.

Please advise us if you are sending anything in advance for the conference bags so we can expect them.  Deliveries are to be made to:

Sue Eastwood, NZDSN, Level 7, 86 Lambton Quay, Wellington


Please note if your delivery is exceptionally large, i.e. water bottles (which are delivered on pallets) then please make urgent contact with us libbyc@nzdsn.org.nz as we will arrange another delivery location.

Our delegates love their conference bags and get great pleasure in discovering new and interesting things held within!


What you get with your stand

Each exhibitor will have supplied with each stand:

  • One trestle table (for a single stand) or two trestle tables (for a double stand)
  • Two chairs (for a single stand) or three chairs (for a double stand)
  • Access to power – you must let us know if you require access to power
  • Please note you can’t hang anything on the walls however you can hire additional dividers which are Velcro receptive and this is the preferred method of hanging pictures/banners etc. You cannot staple or screw anything into the panels or walls, any damage to the walls will be at your expense.   For the hiring of any additional equipment please contact us.

Pack in and Pack Out Times

As for previous years, there is no pack in day prior to the event.  However, as the first event of the morning is a Powhiri at 8.30am and delegates will be offsite until ~9.30am – there should be sufficient time for you to pack in on Wednesday 11 April 2019.  We will be on site in the Oceania Room (Level 3) from 7.30am on that day and you are free to start packing in from that time.

If you want to get equipment/packages/etc. sent to Te Papa prior to the conference, please note these instructions from the venue carefully:

General access must be through Team Te Papa entrance or the museum main entrance.

Dockway Entrance at Barnett Street


  • Is not a general access way
  • All large and heavy equipment or deliveries must be brought through the Te Papa loading Dockway.
  • You must wear appropriate footwear in the Dockway (i.e. No open toed footwear).
  • When dropping goods off, please:
  • Do not leave vehicles unattended
  • Do not use the car parks in the Dockway area If your items are small and can easily be carried safely then this can enter Te Papa Museum via the main entrance. All access times are arranged and confirmed with the Conference Organiser. Access may not be granted outside the scheduled pack in and pack out times. If a special access is required then this needs to be consulted first with the Te Papa Functions Coordinator via the Conference Organiser.


 It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to move all equipment, boxes, etc. to/from the venue at the start/conclusion of the event while guided by a Te Papa staff member.

All deliveries to Te Papa are to include the following delivery details using the Te Papa Delivery Form provided (click here for Delivery Form sample):


  • Te Papa Dockway, Barnett Street, Wellington 
  • Name & Date of the Conference/Event
  • NZDSN Annual Conference 2018
  • Oceania Room
  • Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 April 2018
  • Attention: Libby Carson, NZDSN
  • Sender Details incl. Exhibitor Company name and stand number (if applicable)
  • Box number and number of boxes (i.e. Box 1 of 3)


All goods must be delivered to the loading Dockway between 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday, closed between 12 noon to 1pm. Please note there are no weekend operations unless pre-scheduled.


Te Papa have no storage facilities. Any large crates or transport cases that requires to be stored for the duration of the event should be discussed in advance via the Conference Organiser. Goods must be delivered/ removed within 24 hours (national) or 3 days (international) prior/ after to the event. Items arriving before this timeframe will not be accepted.


If not removed within this time, Te Papa reserves the right to charge the following storage fees (which will be on-charged to you):


  • $95.00 + GST per day up to and including 1 cubic metre
  • $175.00 + GST per day over 1 cubic metre



Any goods to be couriered must be clearly labelled and left at the Te Papa loading Dockway with a completed Trade Exhibitors Courier Form (See attachment). It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to arrange the courier and correctly label the items for collection. Items not clearly identified will be disposed of.


Packages will be delivered to the Oceania Room first thing on Wednesday morning.


For pack out times – as soon as lunch on Thursday afternoon is finished, our exhibitors are welcome to pack out and leave the conference.  Our only request is to be considerate of the speakers and delegates in the Oceania Room when packing out – as it is an open plan area and we would expect as minimal disruption as possible.


Goods lift, trolleys and forklifts


Te Papa has different sizes of trolleys with weight ratings. Exhibitors are welcome to use these trolleys if available. As trolleys are heavily in demand with the rest of the Te Papa organisation, all loaded equipment on the trolleys must be removed as soon as possible, and the trolley returned to the Dockway for other users.


No trolleys can access the public space once the museum is open to the public from 1000-1800. If traveling with trolleys through the public space of the museum is required then this must be arranged with the Te Papa Functions Coordinator first prior to the event date.


Please advise your Conference Organiser if access to forklift is required to arrange this with the Te Papa Functions Coordinator. Generally, Te Papa Security will operate the forklift however if Security is not available and the exhibitor needs to use the forklift then you must provide evidence of the operators 3 yearly certification and the “F” endorsement on the drivers licence.


Our fork lift is rated at a load capacity of 2500kgs. Please note this cannot be used inside the museum. Pallet jacks may be available otherwise.


The goods lift must only be operated by a trained Te Papa museum staff member. All equipment must be loaded and unloaded as soon as possible due to high demand.

The size of Te Papa’s goods lift is 6m L x 3m W x 4m H. Its maximum capacity is 9 tonne. There is also a lifter available from the loading Dockway to the goods lift if required. Its maximum capacity is 4 tonne.


Restricted and Prohibited Items


Exhibitors are required to provide a list of any items to be brought into Te Papa which fall into any of the following categories. An approval from Te Papa is required first before bring in such items.


  • Potentially offensive material – posters, books, video, etc.
  • Weapons or other equipment that may cause harm
  • Food and/or beverage (for sale or sample) including coffee machines
  • Animals including domestic pets
  • Any large pieces of equipment over 2m x 2m and/or 300kgs
  • Equipment or containers holding liquid (over 100 litres in capacity)
  • Gas cylinders The following items are prohibited to be brought in:


  • Flammable liquids or accelerants (ie. Petrol, diesel, CNG/LPG)
  • Items or equipment that produce flames or extreme heat (including candles and cooking appliances)
  • Smoke and bubble machines
  • Helium balloons
  • Glitters and confetti
  • Untreated plants
  • No nails, screws, staples or pins are to be driven into walls nor are holes to be bored into any wall, door or other part of the building


  • No gaffer, double sided tape, blue tack or other adhesives are to be used on walls that are painted, wallpapered, glass or fabric. Any damage cause will be charged to the conference organiser and/or exhibitor.


Health and Safety


All Exhibitors are expected to comply in all respects with the requirements of the Health & Work Act 2015 including but not limited to:


  • Following all safety instructions from Te Papa staff member at all times.
  • All electrical gear must be PAT tested and tagged, and all electrical cords must be taped down.
  • Fire egress routes must be kept clear at all times.
  • Please note it is illegal to block emergency exits, the access rout to an emergency exit, obscure or cover emergency exit signs and store equipment or any other item in fire stairs.
  • All fire call points and fire hose cabinets must be kept clear.






It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that their stand and goods on display are adequately insured for theft and damage. Exhibitors are responsible for any injury to persons and damage to property in the Conference environment caused during the setting up, the operation of, and dismantling and removal of the exhibition.





There are five disability car parks and a number of standard parks.  We recommend getting to the venue early to ensure you get a park.

The NZDSN Annual Conference 2018 has secured a discounted parking rate for the two days of our conference.  To ensure you get this rate – you MUST bring your parking voucher into the conference to get your ticket validated (at the conference registration desk).





We note that we have asked the venue to serve lunch to our exhibitors 15 minutes before tea breaks and 30 minutes before lunch to ensure you get fed prior to the delegates arriving. If you’re wanting to attend the conference outside of the exhibition times, we invite you to do this and suggest you grab some food before heading to your stands.



Conference Cocktail Function


The cocktail function is being held in the Exhibitor’s Lounge from 5.45-7.00pm on Wednesday 11 April – we strongly encourage you to participate in this event as it is a good opportunity for you to network with the delegates.





General Information


There is power to the site but you will need to bring your own extension leads.
There is Wi-Fi at Te Papa – we can’t comment on its strength or reliability but it is free!


We want you to enjoy the conference as much as you can – along with our delegates.  We don’t require our exhibitors to be in their area whilst the speaking sessions are in progress – in fact, we’d encourage you to enjoy them.  We do ask that the exhibitors are at their positions during the lunch and refreshments breaks as this is your opportunity to market your goods and services.


Any queries regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Contact Information


Libby Carson

NZDSN Conference Manager

027 2693939



Sue Eastwood

Office Manager


04 4734678


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