Leadership Forum – Getting Down to Business

The first Leadership Forum for 2019 will have a focus on sharing the changes that are underway around some critical business components that support both “business as usual” and the innovations heralded by Enabling Good Lives and System Transformation.


The forum will feature presentations from your peers who will share the challenges, opportunities and solutions that they are working on so that their organisations can effectively support the flexibility and choices that disabled people and families are increasingly demanding. Topic areas will include the following:

  1. Information Technology and client management systems
  2. Financial planning and management – tools, resources and processes
  3. Human Resources planning and management - approaches to including people being supported/families in recruitment processes; Collective agreements and bargaining
  4. Labour Market engagement and recruitment solutions/platforms - diversity programmes (including disability!)
  5. Health and Safety - managing investigations/multiple inquiries; managing stress and fatigue

These are just some of the possibilities under each topic area.  While we already have some speakers confirmed, if you think you have some ideas and solutions on the above topic areas to share please get in touch!

Special Interest Groups

These areas will remain critical priorities for development as transformation unfolds. For this reason, we are keen to establish ongoing “Special Interest Groups” in the above topic areas where those in leadership roles can access support and share solutions. The forum will be an opportunity to “sign up” for membership of the groups.

A more detailed programme will be released early in the new year, but in the meantime book the date!


Members: $195.00 + GST

Non Members: $275 + GST


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