Auckland Regional News – December 2017

Auckland Regional News – December 2017

Welcome to the December 2017 Auckland regional news page of NZDSN.

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Congratulations to you all with all your big achievements

from this past year!

Wishing you a well deserved relaxing

Happy Holiday Season together with your dearest!

and, for 2018, many positive connections for you

and the people you support!

Stay Safe!



Scheduled NZDSN Auckland regional networking meetings for 2018:

  • 15 March
  • 13 June
  • 28 September
  • 28 November

Mark these dates in your diary today!

Venues and content details will be confirmed closer to the dates.

We reflected on the many topics we covered during presentations and interactive sessions at the 2017 Auckland regional networking meetings:

  • Presentation:
    • ODI by Jacinda Keith & Brian Coffey around the NZ Disability Strategy 2016-2026 strategy and their role in the Systems Transformation.
    • People First Leilani Thompson-Rikys.
    • Marian Galvin, South Auckland Collaboration Initiative between Providers, Schools & parents.
    • MSL Training, Natasha Barber.
    • People First with a presentation by Leilani Thompson-Rikys around The learn with us training which includes the Financial Literacy course and the Keeping Safe Feeling Safe workshops.
    • My Voice Matters, Ezekiel Robson Feedback after Politicum forum around National Elections 2017.
    • Complex Care Group, Jan Moss, How to brake the barriers between providers and families, discussing a trainings manual/ template.
    • Be Accessible, by Neville Pulman and Latifa Daude, about the different levels of accessibility. As a result of the meeting they are currently developing a more tailored checklist/assessment for Disability Providers.
    • At all our meetings we provided you with the latest update from Te Pou.
  • Group Discussions:
    • One of the key outcomes of the NZ Disability Strategy ‘Choice and Control’ to reflect on how we currently contribute to this outcome and to set some actions around what we could do more off.
    • How organisations and individual people try to adapt to the current changes in the sector
  • Surveys
    • We handed out surveys to get input for questions during the national elections Political Forum on 5 September in Auckland and to get feedback around content topics for Regional Meetings and the Leadership Development Programme.

Feedback survey NZDSN Auckland region:

At the last Auckland networking meeting a survey was handed out in which we asked for your feedback around the networking meetings and for suggestions around content topics for meetings and or the Leadership development programme in 2018.

Thank you everyone for all the positive and encouraging feedback! It seems that the meetings are very well received, especially Garth Bennie’s NZDSN updates, the format of the meeting and the topics that were covered although where possible more interaction between people in the room would be appreciated.

Suggestions were made around holding the meetings sometimes in other areas of Auckland apart from the South Auckland area. Although many people appreciate the current venue in Otahuhu we are getting challenged by the capacity of the room and the available parking as we seem to get more registrations every meeting. So I’m currently looking for a new venue which is not an easy task in Auckland where parking and traffic are a constant challenge.

The main suggested content topics for 2018 were:

  • Basic information of clients on Autism spectrum
  • True impact of the EGL world on service providers
  • Skills tips for recruiting and retaining great support staff
  • Keeping the importance of Disabled Leadership internal and external to our organisations.
  • Multi cultural information
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Keep the system Transformation conversation going and the impact for disabled people and providers

In case you couldn’t attend the networking meeting on 22 November but would also like to complete the survey to give your feedback around the meetings, please click here for the feedback form and send it to


South Auckland Collaboration Initiative

Our last South Auckland Collaboration Workshop took place on 18 November. This time the focus was on feedback from the parents. We received some very valuable information and we are currently looking if and how we can start implementing some of the suggested improvements. We also hope to share the findings with the System Transformation Co-design group.

In 2018 these same workshops will be organised for the West and North areas of Auckland. We will also start with the yearly meeting for all stakeholders for Southern area.

If you want to know more about these Auckland Collaboration Initiatives please email to


My Voice Matters Collaboration

NZDSN has been closely involved with the 2017 National Elections Campaign and we will try to keep the momentum going in the coming years until the next elections. As it’s important to keep educating politicians about the issues disabled people come across.  And to educate disabled people about their rights and opportunities as citizens of New Zealand also out of the election campaign period.


Complex Care Group Template/ Training Manual

We are planning on actively supporting the Complex Care group with the development of their template/training manual in 2018.


Safe guarding Adults SAFA Framework

The 2017 newly started collaboration initiatives and developments around the Safe Guarding of Vulnerable adults led by Sue Hobbs will also be something that we will closely follow and support in 2018.

Please keep approaching me with your questions for support or initiatives of collaboration within the sector.

I look forward to hearing from you in 2018. I would also like to encourage you to keep informing me about new developments or services from your organisation as I will do my best to promote this through my networks.


Warm greetings and see you all in 2018!!



Mireille Vreeburg

Auckland Executive Regional Facilitator


p: 021 025 93 41



Events/ services in Auckland organised by other organisations in 2018


Newsletters from other organisations


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